In the Buzet area You can find numerous activities to make Your vacation complete. It is inhabited from time immemorial and abounds not only with historic monuments but with historic stories and myths as well. After inspecting local sights and nearby tourist attractions You can shorten your time with paragliding, gliding and speleology, either in organized groups or individually.

Thanks to the climate all these activities are available during the entire year.  You can also choose to rent a mountain bike at a local cycling club and explore the area, whereas in the nearby Roč you will find a riding camp, which offers adequate conditions both to beginners and advanced riders.

The footpaths offer ideal conditions for trekking, the mountaineering club offers recreation on paths ranging from 4 up to 200km, and the area is quite popular for free climbing on rocks as well.

For those interested in the cultural and enogastronomic offer the Buzet area offers numerous manifestations and round trips. There are diverse wine routes, olive oil paths and an event dedicated to „rakija“ at your disposal. You can also savour or attend educations on the most valuable tuber abundant in this area- the truffle.   The Buzet Truffle days are an ideal opportunity to savour various delicacies including the world's largest truffle scrambled eggs dish.  

Equally interesting are other indigenous manifestations such as the Subotina, an old traditional public festival, or the Carnival of Buzet held in February. Every year in May the nearby Roč hosts an event, in which the main protagonist is the diationic accordion, a traditional Istrian instrument rarely seen these days. In Motovun You can attend the film festival held at the end of July every year.