The Boutique Hotel „Vela Vrata“ offers an absolutely intimate vacation to all those who want to escape the hasty and noisy lifestyle. It is situated at the most picturesque location in Istria, the old part of the town of Buzet.

Buzet is located at an intersection of many international roads and its great road connectivity makes it a good choice if you need a break on Your journey through or just want to make a simple break...

In the Buzet area You can find numerous activities to complete your vacation. It is inhabited from time immemorial and abounds not only with historic monuments but with historic stories and myths as well.


Istrian gastronomy reflects the historical, geographical and climatic features of the peninsula, and combines various traditions of local cuisine based on indigenous plants, aromatic spices, seasonal vegetables, seafood, olive oil, fruits of the forest, the grapevine...

„Vela Vrata restaurant“ is in the part of same named hotel.

The best choice of fresh, homemade viands, trough every season, will leave at Your palate unique taste.

With food choose some great vine from this rich region.

Working hours: 12:00 - 22:00h