Vela Vrata (The giant city gate) is a large stone arch at the entrance into the town of Buzet situated near the hotel. For hundreds of years this gate served as an arrival and departure point for the most distinct travellers...

According to a legend, the giants that built all towns in central Istria including Buzet were chased away by evil dwarfs, who used to cover their favourite dish, the white truffle, with black poison.  This is how the giants leaving Istria for good left behind the black truffle, to which they were completely liable.

One can still hear stories about the black truffle, which is referred to as the devil's treasure or the seed coming straight from hell. Among the rich collection of Istrian legends there is one saying that Gorazd the giant, son of Dragonja, is still alive today hiding in the Istrian forests, somewhere in the golden yellow autumn landscape, which is to be found outside the Vela Vrata gate.

If You leave the sleepy valley of the Mirna and pass through the Vela Vrata gate towards the old town of Buzet, the road will lead you to a world of ancient baroque palaces, renaissance towers and a parish built inside of a rock. You will walk along paths treaded by a French soldier during Napoleons rule over Istria, who was in love and probably told the secret of champagne production to a local beauty. The path, where the Vela Vrata are situated today, were treaded not only by the Romans who used to live in this area but also by Illyrians, Byzantines and Venetians.

The Vela Vrata gate, built in 1547 by captain G. Contarini, at times when Buzet lived at the top of its lungs, are open to everyone, serving as the entrance into the mystical and harmonious world of Central Istria.

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