Ćićarija & Učka

Two mountain massifs, the Mount Ćićarija and the Mount Učka, protectively look after Istria on the land side. Although different relief-wise, they have created a unique mountain chain. Areas of preserved nature are intertwined with mountaineering, hiking and educational paths right to the very top. And the view that spreads from the tops of the Mounts Učka and Ćićarija is priceless!

  • Žbevnica
  • Korita
  • Brgudac
  • Peak Vojak
  • Mountaineering
  • Cycling
  • Protected area
  • Flora and fauna
  • Unique panoramas
  • Nature Park

In an exceptional state of preservation, Mount Ćićarija distinguishes itself from the rest of Istria with a higher altitude and a cooler climate. Compared to Mount Učka, which is narrow, tall and small surface area-wise, Mount Ćićarija is a hilly, spacious plateau in the inland part of Istria. Its 30 km of length and 15 km of width is covered in pastures, meadows and forests. Should you look at Mount Ćićarija from Buzet, you will only see its rocks, which constitute the first step. Distinctive by the fact that, as opposed to other mountains, it raises like vertical steps which alternate with wide plateaus, from where unreal panoramas spread of Istria.

The whole of the Mount Ćićarija area is interwoven by mountain paths, passable all year round, which are ideal for familiarisation with this mountain. Take advantage of them and climb to the top of Mount Ćićarije. Your enjoyment in the panoramas is guaranteed!

The imprints of a hundred-year old man’s cohabitation with the mountain are deeply set in the highest mountain in Istria – Mount Učka. Stone walls, shepherds’ huts and field shelters are mute witnesses of human life on Mount Učka. The tallest mountain top, but also the tallest point of the Istrian peninsula, is the top Vojak (1,401 m), where there is a stone tower – viewing point. Should you happen to be at the top of Mount Učka when the weather is nice and when the bora (“bura”) wind is blowing – an imposing view will spread before you of Istria on one side and of the Kvarner islands, on the other.

Thanks to the rich diversity of its flora and fauna, as well as of different endemic species, Mount Učka has been declared a protected area since 1999. The uniqueness of this protected area is obvious at every step and the ways to familiarise with it are numerous – by mountaineering, hiking, cycling or by free climbing. Whichever way you choose, Mount Učka is the place where every visit is an experience.


A prominent hill in the west part of Mount Ćićarije has special allure in the world of mountaineering. Ideal for all mountaineers, amateurs, recreationalists, but also for families pining for adrenaline hiking, Žbevnica represents a real natural botanical garden.


Under the rocks of the Brajkova stijena cliff (1,092 m), in a green meadow nestles Korita (tubs) – ten wooden tubs, in whose close vicinity is a large swamp, rich in flora and fauna. An arranged mountain track will take you as far as Korita and then you must head for the Brajkov vrh peak and indulge yourselves in the pleasure of a unique panorama of Mount Učka.


The highest peak of both Istria and Mount Učka, the peak Vojak, rises to 1,401m altitude. A barren grassy peak with steep slopes, over which towers a stone view point, overlooks the whole of Istria, but also the Kvarner islands. You can reach it by following marked mountain paths, cycling routes, but also by car.

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